Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Arta Reboot

I am rebooting Arta.   Here's the story:

Time has eroded the human race to near extinction.  Those who remain must find a successor in a new species.  Among the many desperate attempts, sits a lone rocky world forced to sustain an implanted jungle.  Incuso and its garden, home to the Vower - a new organism capable of perpetuating intelligent life across the galactic void.  But first it must evolve.

Aiding their ascension from primitive to enlightened are the Artas: human based bio-machines built to promote Vower organic and psychological evolution. Through genetic pollination, they guide Vower biology. Through war, they guide them to civilization.

I am the gardener, one of the last remnants of the old kind, and, through the Vower, I will reclaim humanity's place in the universe.

See it all at the Arta website.

And, as always, you can see Arta, Jadexs, and Leia Cang in over 200 images at vyx.cybrotica.  Learn how at the Vyxes Main Page.

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